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The SLSDC's Grasse River
The SLSMC's VM/S Hercules

Grasse River

Grasse River

The floating derrick crane, Grasse River, was built in 1958 to serve as the gatelifter for the American Lock , Eisenhower and Snell, in the St. Lawrence River and is utilized as backup for the VM/S Herecules.


Length 150 feet 45.72 metres
Beam 65.83 feet 20.06 metres
Draft 5.6 feet 1.71 metres
Freeboard 6.6 feet 2.01 metres
Lifting capacity 300 short tons 273 metric tonnes

The Grasse River is berthed at docking facilities of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation in Massena, New York. The Grasse River is maneuvered utilizing the Corporation's tug Robinson Bay and workboat Performance.

For further information:

Office of Maintenance and Marine Services
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
P.O. Box 520
180 Andrews Street
Massena, NY 13662
Tel: 315-764-3255
Fax: 315-764-3258


VM/S Hercules

The self-propelled floating crane VM/S Hercules was built in 1962 to serve as gate lifter for the Canadian locks in the St. Lawrence Seaway.


Length 200 feet 62.5 metres
Beam 75 feet 22.94 metres
Draft 10 feet, 6 inches 3.21 metres
Freeboard 9 feet 2.75 metres
Lifting capacity 280 short tons 254 metric tonnes
Propulsion 2 Voith Schneider -
Speed 6 knots -
Crew 11

The VM/S Hercules, with its lifting capacity, maneuverability and efficiency, is an important economical contribution to maritime industry in the region. Berthed in Montreal Harbor, the floating crane's services are often requested by local companies to load and discharge heavy cargo.

For further information:

Fleet Coordinator
The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
P.O. Box 97
St. Lambert, Quebec
Canada J4P 3N7
Tel: 450-672-4115, ext. 2474
Fax: 450-659-2513